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Trade Talk

"Trade Talk" looks at the trades on a lighter side but has something to say.

Carpentry Electrical Hairstyling Welding


Learn the basics of taking a job interview with this video.

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Career Planning Guide

This Career Planning model and guide is part of the FuturePaths Resources developed by the Saskatoon Industry-Education Council. This model was developed for use in the school divisions represented by the SIEC, community-based organizations, parent and employers in the Saskatoon region. The intended use is for the partners of the SIEC. Copyright is reserved.


Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course

Write The Test

  • Available to all ages
  • Registered Certificate
  • Resume Portfolio Ready
  • Required for 14 & 15 year old job seekers in Saskatchewan
  • Recommended for all ages!


Bob and Greg Go To High School

Bob and Greg Go To High School is a stop-motion animated production following the story of two teenagers following different paths in school, and ultimately different paths in life.

It was produced entirely in northern Saskatchewan by KCDC Media.

Career Ambassadors

Career Ambassadors is a northern Saskatchewan career initiative. You can do a short Career Interest Test to find out which careers suit your interests.

You can also access valuable Career Information about northern careers; and you can watch Videos about northern people working as they describe their careers and how they came to be in their positions.

The site was developed by the Community Vitality Committee and is supported by the mining and health sectors in northern Saskatchewan.

Check out a sample video below.


Away From Home


Northern Administration Students Association (NASA)

University of Saskatchewan Students Centre

University of Regina Aboriginal Students Centre

SIAST Aboriginal Services (Woodlands, Kelsey, Wascana)